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This book is the result of four lectures, two of which were given in the Cathedral in Cairo along with two others at the Monastery of Anba Bishoy in Wadi Natrun on 27th August and 3rd September, 1983.


This book is about calmness, and is part of a larger spiritual compilation, 'Landmarks of the Spiritual Way', by Pope Shenouda III


This noisy, clamorous period in which mankind lives on the earth cannot be compared in any way with the peace which has existed since eternity and which will last forever.

It is but a troubled drop in the ocean of that endless peace.


Maybe the angels are looking at our world in astonishment and perhaps they are saying:

  • What is all the uproar on this planet?!
  • And why do the people live in such a tumult?! When will they calm down?
  • It is certain that they will not calm down unless they reach us, because calmness is the way of life in heaven.

Calmness - HH Pope Shenouda III

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  • The Author is His Holiness Pope Shenouda III

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